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Seed Round Close, New Offices and Deloitte Exhibition

After only a few weeks of busy fundraising we are very happy to announce that our first SEIS seed round has been completed. We are extremely proud of our Angel and investor portfolio now supporting us, and are very excited for the future. For information on future funding rounds please contact us here.

Our CEO, Paul Hetherington presenting at Deloitte

Neuro AI also attended the SETSquared GAS event hosted by Deloitte on the 26th of June. The event consisted of several talks and an exhibition from the other attending SETSquared companies. Our session was opened by the shadow energy and climate change minister, Dr Alan Whitehead MP, who called for 'an enormous amount of new tech' to help the UK meet its carbon emission goals. Highlighting the need for companies like Neuro to progress big data hardware to energy efficient solutions, whilst keeping up with the high performance demands of the modern world. More information about the event is available here.

We have also moved into our first offices in central Bath, marking a significant milestone in the companies progress. Over the coming weeks and months we will be expanding our team with applications being available here.