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SETsquared & University of Bath Innovation Award

Starting a business is known for being one of the hardest things one can do, let alone doing it immediately following your graduation from university. Many students finish their degrees with expert knowledge in their field and an abundance of ideas to capitalize on, but solid infrastructure to support entrepreneurs is rare. The University of Bath’s strong relationship with SETsquared, the global number 1 university incubator, provides a truly exceptional opportunity for graduates to break this barrier. SETsquared provides an array of events, mentoring, and support for businesses to help grow and make a true impact in the world.

With the University of Bath, SETsquared hosted a selection panel to find starting businesses worthy of their award for innovation. This award includes membership to the SETsquared community, a local business mentor, and grant up to £15,000. After a pitch to the selection panel and rigorous questioning, Neuro AI was delightfully given the award for Innovation. This will no doubt be the start of a strong lasting relationship with SETsquared, and the value of being partnered with a company such as this has already proved to be invaluable.

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