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Hardware Designer

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Oct-Dec 2019


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Neuro AI is looking for a qualified design engineer experienced in FPGA systems and capable of designing digital hardware architecture. This role will involve implementing high level tasks into low level hardware, focusing mainly on optimizing mathematical functions such as basic arithmetic. Cyclone FPGAs will be used in the target system, requiring a competent understanding of Verilog and Quartus Prime. The key responsibilities of the role include: 1. Programming FPGAs with Verilog/system Verilog 2. Implementing solutions discussed with management independently 3. Resolving issues in hardware independently 4. Providing valuable and unique optimization to hardware design 5. Help direct Neuro AI in the direction of its hardware development. This role requires the following programming languages at a highly experienced level: Verilog/System Verilog & C/C++. The role would also favour people with a strong understanding of python.

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